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Due to rapid increase in IT support companies and IT suppliers, consumers often find themselves in a situation where they are constantly pursued to make an investment in a new ‘great’ product that is sugar coated by one company or another very often only to find themselves in a situation whereby they end up with either useless or redundant equipment at a much higher cost then what they would actually need in order to achieve their business goal. Therefore at Amazing IT we have made it our goal to rather take the side of the consumer, our fellow business men and managers to evaluate, calculate, explain and report the current situation of the company, make adjustments and changes to streamline business processes and save costs, remove redundant equipment and plan for the future spending on technology. We aim at honest results and understandable suggestions. We approach the problem with a holistic and open mind approach in order to find the best possible and cost effective solution for a particular business.

Our Key factors to becoming leaders in the IT Consulting field:
  • Customer-driver Auditing of customers requirement which will lead to cost saving and streamlined operation therefore achieving complete customer satisfaction and customer trust towards our company.
  • Timely and satisfactory response to client problems and enquiries. Because nothing is more off-putting than bad service and because customer is king and should be treated as such, we believe in doing thing right the first time, every time.
  • Skills: In-Depth and extensive knowledge in the fields of IT Infrastructure, IT Networks, IT Communications, IT Security and IT System Performance.
  • Clear and Understandable solutions and suggestions to improve business performance.
  • On-going client relationship maintenance, which includes follow-up calls, scheduled meetings and customer incentives. Because we realize that our customers are the most important aspect of our business.
Mission / Vision statement: "To always put customers needs and requirements above all matters and to lead the field of Information Technology consulting by establishing long lasting customer relationships based on honesty, integrity and professionalism of business practices at all times. To strive for perfection of doing thing right the first time and maintaining consistency of quality of workmanship in every aspect. "

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