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IT Support from Amazing IT

Does your company need a "virtual" IT Department? Let Amazing IT show you just how reliable your IT Systems can be without having to invest into a full-time IT Support personnel. Your business will enjoy the benefits of having access to IT experts and IT Professionals with a broad range of expertise which are relevant and up to date and best of all at low costs to your business. Let us show you how for a low monthly charge your business can benefit from running an optimised, reliable and dependable IT infrastructure. Whether your are looking for Ad-hoc IT support or SLA agreements that will substitute having to invest in permanent IT staff we have a solution that is just right for you. We can also offer your business a second-line IT Support, streamline your IT department operation and transform your IT headaches into IT pride and joy. Make Amazing IT your IT Support company of choice and this will be a decision that you won't regret.


Fact: With a variety of scheme's to support your needs, you will agree that we give you the best value and service for you rand. Choose from three different SLA support options: Fixed-rate IT Support SLA, Hour-based IT Support SLA or Remote IT Support SLA. Or any combination of the above depending on your business needs.

IT Security and Internet Security

Amazing IT can offer you state of the art IT Security system whatever your needs are. We offer a once off or rental options on firewall security systems which are fully configured and customized for your business. Apart from that we are a leading distributor / reseller of the state of the art Kaspersky antivirus solutions that will give you a complete peace of mind that your business is fully protected against any threats. IT Security is our "know-how" and nothing gives us more pride and joy then to know that our customers are well secured and free from viruses, malware or fraud threats. We can secure your every business technology asset from internet gateways, to file servers, to desktops and laptops to PDA's and smartphones.

IT Audit and Strategic IT Planning

In today's industry it is all about knowing your competition and being competitive. Let's face it, everything runs with assistance from computers. IT technologies are key to being a more competitive and more productive then your competition. With our revolutionary IT Audit scheme we aim at evaluating your current IT infrastructure, cutting out unnecessary costs that drain your cash flow and introducing technology that will give you that competitive edge your company needs. We steer clear from the old fashioned way when your IT consultant or Network administrator makes a suggestion for "improvement", but cannot justify the proposition in a way than is graphical and understandable and indicates a clear return on investment.

We offer you IT analysis that will give you an in-depth understanding of how the competitive edge will be achieved and just how much your business will benefit from the investment and the ROI (Return On Investment) you can expect by implementing the suggested changes. We have all the tools for evaluation and justification of the IT Investment. No more mystery of just how a certain investment will help your company get where you want it to be or if it will at all. Our systematic evaluation of your IT systems will provide you with a complete inside-out understanding of your companies IT infrastructure.

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IT Connectivity Solutions


If you are a new business just starting off and need to plan and implement cabling in your new offices or an established corporation looking to scale up your network connectivity or if you need to be able to access your office server/pc at any time day or night or need to implement a state of the art internet connectivity solution of up to 16 mbps we can do it all. We offer ADSL solutions from 1Gb to Uncapped, 3G/HSDPA, LAN, WAN, WiFi, VLAN or VPN. (or if it all sound Greek to you, do not worry, you tell us what you want and we will make it happen).

"Our Philosophy is: One call solves IT all!"

"Give us a call today on 087 822 1800 for a free presentation on how Amazing IT can help your business reach new frontiers in Information Technology through innovative solutions and guaranteed quality of work at low, affordable prices."

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